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High Frequency Pneumatic PVC Welder 1 K.Watts


   1)    Sound Pneumatic Press 
   2)    Big Work Plate.
   3)    Sturdy Industrial Oscillator Tube.
   4)    Electronic Overload Trip Unit for Tube Protection.
   5)    Three sequence Timers (Preloading, welding, cooling)
   6)    Overload Protection for Blower.

  Stationery   Book Covers, Dairy Covers, Files, Price Folders, Computer Files, Bank pass Book Covers.
  Cases & Bags   Spectacle Cases, Shopping Bags, Shaving Sets, Jewellery Boxes, Sketch Pen Covers.
  Rain Wear   Rain  Coats, suit for two wheeler Riders, Medical Aprons, Curtains, Blazer Covers,
  Umbrella Covers.
  Furniture   Embossing of Sofa Covers, Auto Upholstery, Scooter Covers, Jeep Hood, Sun Visers.
  Footwear   Children Musical Shoes, Upper Embossing of Sport Shoes.
  Pharmaceutical   Saline and Glucose Bags, I.V. Sets,  Blood Transfusion Bags, Urine Collection Bags.
  Toys   Air inflated Toys, Balls, Life Jackets, Swimming Pools.
  Protective Covers   Type Writer Covers, Covers for Radio, V.C.R., T.V. Washing Machine, Computer.
  Appliqu�   Plane, Golden, Silver (Embossing)
  POWER INPUT   415 V Ac, 3 Phase
  POWER OUTPUT    5 KW Approx.
  FREQUENCY   27.2 MHz Nominal
  OSCILLATOR TUBES   Thomson Air Cooled ITL 3-1 or Equivalent.
  WELDING AREA   20 Sq. Inch (125 Sq Cms )
  HEIGHT   163 Cms.
  WIDTH   78 Cms.
  DEPTH   90 Cms.
  WEIGHT   400 Kg.
  PNEUMATIC PRESSURE   Minimum Air Line Pressure 75 PSI
  PLATE  SIZE   Cast Aluminium 105 Cms X 52.5 Cms.
  CLEARANCE   10 Cms.
Due to constant Process of Product improvement we reserve the right of  modifying the design without prior intimations.
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